Zaw Thet

Zaw is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. As one of the founding team and a Partner at Signia, Zaw is focused on early-stage tech investing and on creating a new model of venture capital. Zaw has been at the forefront of new technology and starting companies since the age of 19. He currently serves or is an observer on the boards of Boxed, plyfe, Hall, and ApplePie Capital. Before Signia, Zaw was best known as the co-founder and CEO of the mobile search and media company 4INFO. He was also a venture partner at CrossCut, a seed-stage fund based in LA.

Zaw has been recognized (by BusinessWeek among others) as one the elite “Mobile Barons” that defined the early mobile industry. A passionate philanthropist, Zaw founded Palindrome Advisors, a nonprofit collective of over 300 elite industry leaders whose mission is to change how they give back and to create shared technology for philanthropy. Zaw was honored as one of ten global entrepreneurs selected for the United Nations Foundation’s first Global Entrepreneurs Council in 2011. He is a board member and advisor to numerous other non-profits.

Zaw studied Political and Computer Science at Stanford, where he was a President’s Scholar. He received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he was a Soros Fellow and the youngest graduate in the school’s history.

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